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Waste Reduction and Recycling Policy

Waste Reduction and Recycling Policy

At Gregg Distributors, we are committed to reducing the environmental impact of our operations through appropriate ongoing material management. We have established a comprehensive program to minimize waste through the following initiatives:

Shrink Wrap Recycling

Gregg Distributors utilizes a 3rd party company to recycle the shrink-wrap that is accumulated in our warehouses; this keeps the plastic out of local landfills.

Paper Reduction Initiatives

We continue to find ways to reduce and eliminate paper use where possible. Many of these policies not only save trees by reducing the amount of paper used, but they also reduce our carbon footprint by not having to use trucks to deliver the paper in the mail.

Payroll - Gregg Distributors employees receive pay statements electronically through a secure employee self-serve portal.

Accounts Receivable Paperless Statements/Invoices - An initiative is in place to transition all customer accounts to a system whereby all invoices and statements are sent to customers electronically.

Accounts Receivable EFT/EDI Payments - Gregg Distributors encourages customers to pay their bills electronically through their banks to reduce the number of cheques that are being sent through the mail.

Accounts Payable EFT - Gregg Distributors pays suppliers by EFT payments wherever possible to reduce the amount of paper used in printing and mailing cheques to suppliers.

Accounts Payable Paperless Office - We are transitioning our accounts payable to a paperless office approach where we encourage our suppliers to send all invoices and statements electronically to us.

Scrap Paper - Gregg Distributors gathers scrap paper that is produced and gives it a second life by turning it into pocket sized notepads for staff to use.

IT Equipment

Recycling of computer equipment is handled by a local electronics recycling company, ensuring proper end-of-life of equipment through waste electrical and electronic equipment programs.

Cardboard Box & Packaging Material Recycling

Almost all product shipped out to customers are packaged in reused cardboard boxes with reused packaging materials. The cardboard boxes and packaging materials come from products shipped from suppliers to Gregg Distributors which get a second life when they are used again to ship products out to our customers.

Wood Pallet Recycling and Compacting

Gregg Distributors' reuses wood pallets until they are too damaged or no longer safe to use. Unusable pallets are shredded into wood particles that are recycled as livestock bedding or industrial fuels.

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