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Energy and Greenhouse Gas Emissions Reduction Policy

Energy and Greenhouse Gas Emissions Reduction Policy

Gregg Distributors understands that climate change is an important environmental issue that businesses all over the world have to face. Gregg Distributors is engaged in the following initiatives to focus on reducing our carbon footprint:

Fleet Maintenance

Gregg Distributors is proud of our in house fleet maintenance facility. Here we are able to ensure all of our trucks in our fleet are running at maximum efficiency.

LED Lighting

At Gregg Distributors we are reducing energy consumption by installing highly efficient LED lighting in all new buildings. We are also retrofitting existing buildings to LED Lighting where applicable.

Internal Mailboxes

Through the use of an internal mail system, Gregg Distributors is able to reduce the need for mail delivery via postage, thus reducing greenhouse gas emissions that accompany mail delivery.

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