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Social-Enviro Policy

Social-Enviro Policy

At Gregg Distributors, we embrace the responsibility to make socially responsible environmentally conscious decisions. The following programs and initiatives have been developed to not only make Gregg Distributors more environmentally sustainable but also make our community a better place to live and work:

Caring for Alberta's Highways (Adopt-a-Highway) Program

Gregg Distributors is proud to be responsible for a section of highway West of Edmonton that we have "adopted" as part of the Provincial Adopt-a-Highway Program. The staff of Gregg Distributors takes great pride in their involvement to keep our section of the highway clean and attractive.

Environmental/Wildlife Initiatives via our Support of the Edmonton Valley Zoo

At Gregg Distributors, we strongly believe in giving back to the community that has supported us for over 45 years. Our commitments to the Edmonton Valley Zoo have given Seals, Sea Lions and River Otters new and improved Habitats for both the animals and the community to enjoy. We are currently undertaking the support of a new habitat for the Red Pandas which is expected to be completed in late 2018.

Environment Friendly Products

While Gregg Distributors strives to minimize the amount of paper we consume, we are not a 100% paperless operation. The paper that is used by Gregg Distributors is certified with the SFI or FSC Labels to ensure the products have met strict environmental and social standards. Gregg Distributors uses environmentally conscious cleaning products throughout our buildings to reduce air pollution, smog and toxic effects.

Used Waste Oil Recycling

At Gregg Distributors, we ensure that used oil and use oil filters are recycled appropriately by utilizing a 3rd party company to collect, recycle and reuse our waste oil.

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