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About Gregg Distributors

Environmental Sustainability

Gregg Distributors recognizes the importance of environmental issues and the role we can play by responding with policies and programs that can reduce our environmental footprint.

How do we manage our environmental impact?

At Gregg Distributors, we have developed an Environmental Policy with the initiative to reduce our impact on the environment. This policy outlines areas within our business where we as a company, can develop sustainable policies and programs to improve our carbon footprint.

G.G.T. - Gregg's Green Team

The Gregg's Green Team is responsible for developing and maintaining our Environmental Polices. G.G.T. is also responsible for pushing for green initiatives that comply with our Policies, increasing awareness of the programs in place and changes being implemented.

Educating Employees

Gregg Distributors has on-going training for employees that brings awareness to the programs and policies, ultimately leading to an improvement of the environmental impact by Gregg Distributors.

Our Commitment

The Gregg's Green Team and Gregg Distributors are committed to lead the way in minimizing the impact of our activities on the environment through the policies and initiatives identified below. As a company, we are committed to protect and conserve the environment wherever possible.

Our Policies