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Gregg Distributors Sunshine Fund

The Gregg Distributors Sunshine Fund

At Gregg Distributors, we strongly believe in giving back to the community that has supported us for over 40 years. The staff and management of Gregg Distributors work together to raise funds and awareness for local charities. The Gregg Distributors Sunshine Fund is a children's charity we created which provides funds for various projects in our city of Edmonton, Alberta.

William Hawrelak Park

In the summer of 2001, we partnered with The City of Edmonton to build a new playground in William Hawrelak Park.

Rundle Park

We celebrated our grand opening in June 2007 of a new playground area in Rundle Park, the city's second busiest park.

The Edmonton Storyland Valley Zoo

Seas Lions

In 2011 we donated $500,000 to the Edmonton Storyland Valley Zoo for much needed renovations to the Sea Lion exhibit. The 'Arctic Shores' exhibit opened in March of 2012 and features harbour and northern fur seals in a naturalized environment.

River Otters

In 2013 we announced another $500,000 commitment to a new River Otter Exhibit, and are currently working with the Valley Zoo on ideas for a third project. We are hoping this commitment will kick-start much needed provincial and corporate support for other exhibits at the zoo.